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We build great software for businesses in all sectors and of all sizes. We specialise in end-to-end operational systems and mobile apps (but we do lots of other things too). Check out some of our previous projects, and contact us if you fancy a chat.

  • TRANSea

    TRANSea is an end-to-end mobile app solution for the ferry industry. Built using our proven Everest back-end base, it allows clients to update departures and arrivals via a portal or EDI to keep mobile app users up-to-date via push notification. This project was built on behalf of our partner company, Netazu as a white-label product. Whilst there is a “core” product the client base demanded a white label solution. We have currently built two client-branded versions of the product for release to app stores by large clients in the industry.

  • ContiFest

    The Conti Fest app was built for the New Continental’s Beer Festival to compliment the existing paper tasting notes and provide a level of reporting that would not be possible otherwise. Whilst the mobile app is a fun way of finding and rating the drinks on offer at the festival, the back-end provided demographic reporting on the data captured by the mobile app and allowed for push notification contact with the users.

    The app was run at the May 2017 festival and was very well received by users and staff alike. The mobile app allows users to find drinks according to style, location in the venue, etc but also would recommend drinks to you based on your previous votes. Drinks can be voted 1-5 and the back-end would intelligently offer suggestions.

    Given the nature of the event and the type of customer, the mobile app did not require a formal account/login but asked for 3 items of optional information upfront to provide demographic reporting: age group, gender and frequency of visit. This allowed for far more in-depth reporting than “which drinks did people like best”: we could provide reporting according to age group, gender, etc.

    The app is to be extended to include mobile payments and ticketing for future festivals.

  • Abnormal Load Logistics

    We were contracted to rewrite the operational system used by ALL to allow multi-user access across multiple sites. Obviously a web-based approach was the way to go, so we created the ROMA system. Whilst simple, the app provides an end-to-end solution for the business, encompassing job input through to invoicing and statements.

  • Premier English Academy

    We were tasked to build a multi-language website for an English Academy in Madrid, based on their existing fyler and logo designs. Check it out at http://www.premierenglishmadrid.com

  • TIA Invoicing System

    We were contracted by a national service management company to build an application which would sit above Harvest timesheets to provide a more flexible invoicing solution. This was built as an internal, web-based app using MEAN stack.

  • LeagueLight

    LeagueLight is a social network for sports teams. We were tasked with building a mobile app to integrate with the existing web API to provide league tables, match reports, player details, etc. Whilst the app is cross-platform and responsive across device types and form factors, no formal UI framework was used, instead all UI styling and data binding was done in proprietary code. Whilst there was a level of satisfaction there, we have now migrated to using Ionic for these sorts of apps. The client has removed LeagueLight from the app stores whilst they undertake a refactor of the API code.

  • Public Sector Systems

    Ssh! We really can’t talk much about these projects! Via a client of ours, we developed a public-facing, web-based system for reporting and management of data during major incidents for a major public sector client. This system was built to be as simple to use as possible, and work across as many device types as possible. Using an intelligent clustering approach, the app is able to scale according usage and the servers on which it is hosted.

    Also via the same client, we worked within a team of external developers to create an internal incident management system for another public sector client.

  • Supermarket Chain

    At the very start of our business, Tom was contracted to oversee and architect the development of 3 mobile apps for a national supermarket chain. These included personal barcode scanning within branches, intelligent shopping list and membership card management. Despite the intent that Tom would oversee the offshore development, much of the technical work was actually done by Tom and then handed over to the team oversees due to lack of experience in the technology.

  • Phuse!

    Phuse! is a mobile app developed to replace disposable cameras used at weddings or other events. The concept being that candid photos can be captured without editing/filtering via a mobile app and displayed immediately by connected clients: ie on a projector or via a website - but only for 24 hours.

    Whilst we were originally responsible for development of the mobile app only, we are now in the midst of redeveloping the entire stack using NodeJS to increase performance and portability.

    Apple Watch integration is currently being built to allow for a “panic button”. Just in case!

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